Three Phase Distrubution Class Transformers

B & B Transformer builds 3 phase oil-filled distribution class transformers. We build sizes from 30KVA up to 2500KVA. We can build to any specification, voltage and any configuration.  We build to our customers specs, ANSI specs and 2016 D.O.E. specs. We can fabricate any type of unit you are looking for. 

One of B & B Transformer's foremost strengths is that we can build units very fast. We are small enough where we can move our production schedule around to meet our customers needs. In emergency cases, we have been know to make 3 phase transformers in a week or less.  We offer a full 3 year warranty.

3 Phase Transformers

 Underground Transformer Options

           Dead Front or Live Front

           Loop Feed or Radial Feed

           Single, Dual or Triple Voltage

           Step-Down Voltages

           Wells and Inserts


           Stud or Spade Secondarys

           Secondary Supports


           4 Position Switch

           On/Off Switch

           Gauge Packages

           Drain Valve



We service and repair all makes and models of 3 phase transformers.  If you are wanting to save time and money, check out the Repair/Retank tab at the top of the page.

B & B Transformer can supply amorphous cores to customers who are interested.

All units sold come with a 3 year warranty and full test reports (upon request) including:  NL and FL losses - impedance % - excitation current - energy efficiency %.  All three phase underground units come standard with bayonet fusing, pressure relief valves and parking stands.  

We buy salvage/junk transformers - pole mount and pad mount. NOTE:  B & B Transformer does not handle any transformers or regulators with a PCB level of 50PPM or above. Salvage units should have either non-PCB on the data tag or a non-PCB sticker, have test results available, or be a B & B  Transformer unit.

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