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Did you know that the same core and coil that is in an overhead transformer is the exact same one that is in a pad mounted transformer? 

If it was good enough to hang on the line last year, isn't it still good enough this year?


Repairing and retanking can save money and time and help reduce everyone's carbon footprint. In this day and age, going green is important for everyone. We, at B&B, inspect each and every unit that comes through our doors. Repairing and retanking the good transformers you have is the best way to save money and time. 


So how much money can you save? Up to 50% of the cost of new units. 


Don't waste your budget dollars buying new transfomers when you already have what you need. With commodity and scrap prices so low, it doesn't pay to throw it away. Start repairing and retanking today and you will be saving for tomorrow. 


Both single phase and three phase units can be repaired and retanked. 




TURN THESE           
INTO THESE           



Retank pole mount coils into pad mount tanks

Upgrade cans and tanks to new ANSI specs

Turn single bushing poles into double bushing and doubles to singles

Repair all brands of transformers: poles and pads

Test and repaint

Upgrade old bushings to new ones

Replace broke bushings

Replace all gaskets

Fix broken or bent hangers

Fix dented tanks

Fix leaking cans and tanks

Add On/Off switches

Add IFDs

Remove CSPs

Change bayonets and fusing

Flush and change oil

OR THESE           
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