B & B Transformer is an independently, employee owned and operated company established in 1976. We take pride in offering our customers exceptional service and high-quality products. B & B Transformer combines highly trained, experienced and dedicated personnel with superior standards in remanufacturing transformers to provide our customers the service they deserve.

             Quality & Service
We sell remanufactured single phase and three phase transformers.
We also recondition and repair transformers.


Our experienced team will remanufacture transformers to your specifications with very fast turnaround.

We offer complete service in just 2-3 weeks compared to the 2-4 month average for new units.

Our national and international clientele give us expertise in a wide range of industries and environments.

B & B can save you 30% or more over manufacturer's prices for single phase and 3 phase distribution equipment.

We use 100% copper coils to increase the life of the transformer and to withstand greater overloads.

We will work to supply amorphous cores to interested customers.


We have a 3 year warranty on all sold transformers.

             Company Profile

B & B Transformer, Inc. is a national leader  in transformer          upgrades and distribution.

We specialize in D.O.E. compliant transformers.


We exceed the industry's highest standards on remanufactured   transformers.

B & B Transformer, Inc. is committed to expediting complete service in a prompt time frame.

We are a Cooper Power Systems Authorized Service Center.

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Owner operated.

American owned, American made.

Proudly built in the U.S.A.

B&B Transformer

2850 220th Street West

Farmington, MN 55024